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Our code of ethics is to promote a courteous, professional image. We put our customers first as well as encourage high standards of workmanship and consistency. We are safety conscious, practice all OSHA standards, and are certified. We are licensed to operate Boom Lift equipment, as well as comply with city permits and safety plans for the protection of pedestrians and motorists below. Since 1995 New Haven County Window Cleaners LLC has earned a reputation as a service company that combines quality performance with affordable low rates to meet your window cleaning needs. We provide professional and dependable service that is efficient and flexible.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Osha 10
• Osha 30 Project Managers & Supervisors
• Certified Lift Operations For Up To 150 Feet
• Numerous Calendars & Articles Published Since 1995

Proudly serving New Haven CT, West Haven CT, Stratford CT, Milford CT, Waterbury CT, Westport CT, Bridgeport CT, Norwalk CT, Hartford CT, Branford CT, Guilford CT, Madison CT, Killingsworth CT, Durham CT, Middlefield CT, Meriden CT, Cheshire CT, Prospect CT, Hamden CT, Woodbridge CT, Naugatuck CT, Middlebury CT, Woodbury CT, Southbury CT, Oxford CT, Ansonia CT, Shelton CT, Orange CT, Trumbull CT and Woodmont CT for over 16 years.

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Services Offered:

  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • - High-Rise Buildings
  • - Low-Rise Buildings
  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • - One Story
  • - Two Story
  • - Apartment Buildings
  • Power Washing
  • Reliable Store Front Maintenance Services
  • - Weekly
  • - Monthly
  • - Bi Monthly
  • - Annual
  • - Semi Annual
  • - Quarterly
  • Caulking Services
Enjoying the View with a Local New Haven Window Cleaning Service

Everyone knows that window washing is a chore that no homeowners really want to do themselves, but it's still important to keep your windows clean. Natural daylight coming into your home provides the best form of light for vision and increases warmth in fall and winter months. Your home really won't look clean if the windows are dirty, no matter how neat you otherwise are. Fortunately you don’t need to handle the job yourself when you can easily call a professional New Haven Window Cleaning Service.

Depending on the size of your home, there are safety issues involved when washing exterior windows. Getting a window clean on a second story will require the use of a ladder. If you have a fear of heights or heath issues that could affect your stability, you risk the chance of a serious accident. Window cleaning service professionals deal with heights as an every day part of their job and are experts at what they do. When you hire a New Haven Window Cleaning Service you eliminate any risk you your own safety.

The Alternative: Your Local New Haven Window Cleaning Service

It is worth hiring a commercial window cleaning service to take care of window washing so that you can skip the time and physical effort of doing your own window washing. The job, when done well, involves a number of tools and products and the New Haven Window Cleaning Service has the right tools and products specific to your needs.

The New Haven window cleaning service decides how many employees to send based on how large your house is, how large and numerous your windows are, and what the windows are like. Generally at least two window washers will arrive at your home on the appointed day and time.

The New Haven Window Cleaning Service will remove the screens from all of your windows, and they will be washed with a soft bristle brush. The New Haven Window Cleaning Service experts then begin washing the outsides of your windows. Every New Haven Window Cleaning Service has their own preferred set of tools and methods for this task. Most commercial window cleaning experts utilize squeegees (or strip washers), sponges, and water-fed poles.

Using a window cleaner solution is necessary to get a window clean. Your local New Haven Window Cleaning Service ought to be attentive to environmental issues that concern you. This is a basic part of being considerate to customers and their communities. They should have an assortment of cleansers available depending on your preference and that should have been discussed and agreed upon at your first meeting for the price quote. Very few window washing companies continue to use soaps that are heavy in pollutants and irritants, as these often have a detrimental effect on the window surface as well as the environment.

While the window is still wet, the New Haven Window Cleaning Service professional uses a scraper to safely remove any "stuck on" dirt from the window. These may include bird droppings, caulk overspill, paint, bugs, or tree sap. The window is then rinsed and dried, taking care to remove pooled or standing water. When all outside windows have been washed by the New Haven Window Cleaning Service employee, they will move indoors to complete the job.
Window tracks and sills can get extremely grungy over time. These are cleaned and the screens are replaced. The New Haven Window Cleaning Service experts will make a circuit of your home, checking all the windows and correcting any oversights. They will return any furniture, interior fabric window treatments, and curtains that have been moved back to their original position. Once you experience the services of a professional New Haven Window Cleaning Service, you'll never go back to doing your own window washing!

New Haven Window Cleaning Service: The Little Extras

The New Haven Window Cleaning Service is not going to come to your home with a spray bottle of window cleaner and roll of paper towels. Don't hire anyone who does that! They are not a professional New Haven Window Cleaning Service. Someone from the New Haven Window Cleaning Service will come to your home first to assess the job and give you a quote for it. You will then agree on a time for the window washing that works for you.

The window washing employees will take care inside and outside of your home. This includes rugs, furniture, and window treatments in your rooms, as well as gardens and grounds outside. You'll notice the benefits of hiring professional New Haven Window Cleaning Service people immediately.

The New Haven Window Cleaning Service professionals may also suggest other services they can provide, which usually involve the detailed and labor-intensive tasks homeowners hate to do themselves. The commercial window cleaning experts will also be happy to offer an annual contract, or a contract based on a schedule you determine, to ensure your windows stay at their best all year long.

Bring the Shine Home with an Expert New Haven Window Cleaning Service

Whether you've done your own window washing for twenty years, or you've never washed a window, the local New Haven Window Cleaning Service is ready and eager to relieve you of the chore. Cleaning windows can be challenging and risky, but experienced cleaners have got the whole routine down perfectly. They are glad to give you a break from washing your own windows, and can also help you with other unpleasant household tasks. Don't fret over filthy windows any longer - call a New Haven Window Cleaning Service today, and let the sunshine in!


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"Very Impressed! Great Service! I just had my house painted, and the painters painted my windows shut. This company got the windows to function again, and replaced some of my damaged screens. Very convenient! The men who came to my house were very courteous and professional. What a difference from other companies I have used in the past. I have recommended them to all of my friends. Thank You New Haven County Window Cleaners! "


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